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Sanyo Electric Retro TV ads

Enjoy some Sanyo TV ads from the 70s, a TV with remote control, a new year greeting ad and an ad for an airconditioner named "hie-hie" from 1976.

Japanese TV Show - Hidden Camera stuff

Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player

now this is so cute that I just have to show it to you. The new Sony Rolly SEP-10BT Sound Entertainment Player in action, irritating a little cat. And below you can see the Rolly in action with some J-Pop playing. Enjoy ! (yo can order the little Rolly for example at audiocubes.com here)

Tokyo Webcams

Happy New Year to all of you. Let´s begin the new year with some nice live webcams installed in Tokyo and around.

koen-dori in Shibuya (you can pick from 3 different views, very nice framerate and it comes with a map)

Fuji-san (no words needed here, refreshes every hour)

Tokyo Riverside Skyline (refreshes every 15 seconds)

Mobotix M10 (don´t know where exactly this is located, but refreshes every 2 seconds and got a good quality)

(java appet, you can choose from different locations)

Japon : Histoire Du Shooting Game

a very nicely investigated and well-done documentary about the history of the shooting game by french videogame channel GameOne.

Download the videofile directly from here and the corresponding english subtitle file can be found here

you can also find a streaming divx version here